My Summer Beauty Favorites: Dove, Tatcha, Soap & Glory, Bite, Loréal and Etc.

The past few weeks in Los Angeles has been very hot. This summer has been one sweaty one for sure so I have definitely cut back on my makeup because it will just end up melting anyways. Here are some life saving products that had help cool me down and prep me for this season!

Tatcha // Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers ($12)


I’ve talked about these blotting papers before but I must mention them again! They do an amazing job at absorbing all the oil without moving any makeup at all! You just need to pat gently and it’ll do its job. They are definitely pricey but they are definitely worth it!

Bite Beauty // Agave Lip Mask ($26)


My lips tend to get a bit dry during the summer because of the weather and this lip mask has been a life saver! I put it on before I go to bed and wake up with lips that ready for any color! A little goes a long way with this product and it smells like vanilla.

Yes to Tomatoes // Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes ($5.99)


I am always on the hunt for good facial wipes and I think I have found them! It’s hard to see what you are taking off with these wipes because they’re black but they really do a great job at removing my makeup. My face feels as clean as if I washed it with face wash after each use. It’s not harsh at all and even removes waterproof mascara. My pores get clogged more during the summer time and these wipes really clears things up.

Herbal Essences // bio:renew Volume Grapefruit and Mosa Mint Dry Shampoo ($5.99)


The scent is amazing and refreshing! I love how when you spray it in the hair it has a cooling sensation. You do feel the product quite a bit and its a little sticky but it really helps during this hot weather because my hair needs extra help to stay up.

Loréal // Voluminous Lash Paradise Blackest Black ($8.99)


I recently got my lashes lifted again so I can not try out waterproof mascara on my top lashes. However, I use this everyday on my lower lashes and I love it! It does not clump or smudge even in 97 degrees weather. My lashes lengthens and looks very natural when I use this mascara! You can still easily remove this with just micellar water.

Dove // Caring Coconut Dry Spray ($5.49)


This has been one hot summer and I had been seeing these dry sprays everywhere so I decided to try it myself. They have so many different scents to choose from but this one was my favorite. It has no white cast and does not stain my clothes. I love how it feels cool when you spray it on and it lasts all day!

Soap & Glory // Heel Genius Foot Cream($8.99)


It is sandal season! I never thought about getting a foot cream but regular lotion was just not doing it. I have been only using this for a week and I already have to make it a summer favorite! My heels are so smooth right now! I will be repurchasing this when I finish it for sure.


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