My Eyelash Lift Experience

I recently got my lashes lifted for the very first time and this experience has changed my makeup routine dramatically! My mornings are much quicker because I don’t need to spend time putting on any eyeliner, curling my lashes, and coating on primer/mascara.

I opted for an eyelash lift over eyelash extensions because I’ve done a lot of research on both. Eyelash extensions are gorgeous but they sometimes feel heavy and you are not allowed to get them wet. Eyelash extensions also go through an awkward stage when they start falling off so your lashes look uneven and it is just very high maintenance.

Eyelash lifting is much safer because you’re only working with your natural lashes and there are no adhesives. It helps you look much awake! This is the perfect treatment for girls who are low maintenance and love to look natural. 48 hours after your treatment you can go on to wash your face as you usually do and even put on mascara/falsies when you feel like looking more done up. They usually last 8-12 weeks (if you find a specialist that is certified by Yumilashes) which is much longer than eyelash extensions! It is just suggested not to use any oil based makeup removers on your eyes because it might shorten their life span.

Yumilashes are EU approved which means they go through a stricter inspection and only their products are guaranteed to last 8-12 weeks so you can get more bang for your buck! They are paraben free, formaldehyde free, non toxic, and hypoallergenic. My eyes are sort of sensitive but my eyes felt no burning up or watering up during the whole process. The treatment takes about 1.5 hours! PLEASE, do not try purchasing any lash lift kits to DIY at home because they are usually unsafe or fake. People on Amazon that did it at home ended up getting eye infections or having their eyes very swollen.

If you’re in Los Angeles / the San Gabriel Valley and are interested in giving this a try you can contact @lashesby_alice on Instagram! She did an awesome job on mine and she is certified by Yumilashes!



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