Favorite Hair Care Products: Fanola, Pureology, & Macadamia Natural Oil + More

I have been coloring my hair consistently for about a year now and I am for sure going to continue to! The sad part is that my Asian hair does tend to get brassy very easily. I have found some wonderful products to slow down that process and keep my hair healthy!


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Fanola // No Yellow Shampoo 

This stuff is the best! It may look very intimidating at first because of the dark – radioactive looking purple color but I have not been able to find any better than this! It does an amazing job at getting rid of any brassiness and tones your ashy/blonde hair at home with salon qualities! All you have do is leave it in your hair for about 5 minutes whenever you feel like your hair needs a touch up!


Bed Head TIFI // Dumb Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner 

I found this at my local Sam’s Club and it has been doing a great job for me! My hair has been bleached slightly and this set is really gentle on colored hair. It does the job and smells sort of citrusy. No complaints here!


Pureology // Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier ($26)

This was given to me by my hair stylist and I have been using it almost every day after I get out of the shower! It has 21 benefits that prime, protect, and prepare colored hair. I love how much it detangles my wet hair and it smells AHMAAZINGG. It is also great as a heat protectant against styling tools!


Macadamia Natural Oil // Deep Repair Masque ($14.75)

This product consists of argan oil, chamomile oil, tea tree oil, and aloe! It is a very thick product so a little of it definitely goes a long way! I used this about 1-2 times a week and I never find my hair looking dry. I am a daily hair straightener user so that means this product really does help! Every time I use this my hair smells so delicious the next day!



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