February Favorites 2017: FANCL, The Face Shop, Dolly Wink & etc.

I’ve been gone for a while but I am back with a monthly favorites!


FANCL // Mild Cleansing Oil 

I love this cleansing oil! A friend got this product for me straight from Japan so I am not sure how much it cost and I have never heard of this brand until now. I was out of my usual Boscia cleansing oil and then I remembered that I had this and I LOVE IT! It is scentless and very very gentle. One pump of this cleansing oil is enough to remove all my makeup including waterproof mascara.

If you aren’t using cleansing oil to remove your makeup yet please give it a try! I have mention my other favorite ones in older posts (:


ColourPop // Eyeshadow ($5 each)

These are individual eyeshadow pans but ColourPop was doing a promotion and gave away these palettes during Valentines. I chose these shades because I’ve been really into a pinkish neutral eye lately. These eyeshadows are super pigmented with very little fall out. I seriously love the brand ColourPop. They always provide such quality product with such reasonable pricing.

(colors from left – right)

Wake up call (matte warm sand color)

Say I do (matte baby pink)

Bouquet toss (metallic pinky peach)

Pep talk (metallic icy peach)


Maybelline // Big Shot Mascara ($6.99)

My current favorite mascara because it gives me such great volume! It does not smudge at all and I especially love it for my under eyelashes because it lengthens it so well. The brush is very big but still easy to apply! Please go give this a try!


The Face Shop // The Solution Face Masks  ($3)

Um… I sort of got a life time supply of these because they were buy 8 get 8 free. There are so many different ones that target different issues and I love these because they are more like gel sheet masks so they are more absorbent. They also stick to your face more without moving all over the place. I notice a big difference after using these.


Dolly Wink // Waterproof eyeliner (around $15)

I have talked about Dolly Wink eyeliners before but the old one I had was in a pink pen which is not waterproof. The other day at a Japanese beauty shop I finally found this water proof version! Do I really dare to say that this is better than Kat Von D and Stilla?? YESSSSS I DO! They have a precise and fine tip, very pigmented, and seriously does not smudge at all.


I hope that you have all been doing well and I am really going to try to commit myself to be more consistent with my postings! Finals are coming up soon so I am looking forward to getting that out of the way. Share with me some of your favorites! I would love to know! 💕

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