Real Techniques: Sculpting Set + Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

Sculpting Set ($19.99) 



This set includes a sculpting brush, fan brush, and setting brush. It also comes with a brush cup but I did not end up using it because it wasn’t anything special. I love the sculpting brush and setting brush in this set the most. The fan brush is alright but I wish it was a bit more feathery. The sculpting brush is angled perfectly and dense enough to give the perfect contour! The setting brush I actually own two of! I love using it to highlight my face and also use it to set my under eyes with loose powder!

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge ($5.99)



These little three sided sponges are something that I never knew I needed! When used dry, they are perfect for picking up eye shadow fall outs. When used damp, they are perfect for blending harsh lines out and your under eyes’ concealer. This has the perfect firmness and is soft enough to blend everything gently!


    1. Hello! I actually still prefer the beauty blender itself especially the black one. But the real techniques comes a real close second! It feels a bit less bouncy than the beauty blender. The flat side of it is perfect for patting on loose powder for baking!

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