My Best of 2016 Beauty Products

Welcome to my last blog post of 2016! I’ve seen my blog grow a bit since I started and I am very excited for it to become even greater! I decided to do a quick round up of my FAVORITE products from 2016 to end the year (:

Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes Broad Spectrum SPF 15 // Smashbox ($25)



(via Sephora)

This product is so underrated! It is perfect for the under eyes and ever since I got this I rarely even  wear foundation anymore. It seriously gives you the healthiest glow and perfect coverage for the every day look. So happy I found this product!

Volupté Tint-In-Oil (Cherry My Cherie 5) // Yves Saint Laurent ($32)


(via Sephora)

I received this as a sample and fell IN LOVE with it. I had to go out and purchase this full size right after I finished. It gives your lips the prettiest gloss while moisturizing it. It also gives the perfect tint of red to keep it looking luscious!

The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb // Belief ($38)


(via Sephora)

This is has become my favorite day time moisturizer! It is super absorbent and light weight so it will not affect my make up at all.

Beauty Elixir // Caudalie ($18)


(via Sephora)

I need to thank Desi Perkins for introducing me to this product! I want to spritz it on my face all day every day! It provides the best glow and really smoothes out my skin if I go too heavy handed on my make up!

Translucent Loose Setting Powder // Laura Mercier ($38)


(via Sephora)

I just had to throw this in here even though I know everyone knows how amazing it is already! I don’t ever need a powder compact again because of this!

Highlighter in Lunch Money ($8), Get Paid Creme Eye Liner ($5), Eye Shadows ($5) // ColourPop

(via ColourPop)

ColourPop has done me good this year! I love using their highlighter in Lunch Money then layering Champagne Pop on top of it! Their creme eye liners do not budge at all and the eye shadows are super easy to apply. Also, nothing can seriously beat their prices.

Pure Clay Masks // L’Oreal ($12.99)


(via L’Oreal UK)

These masks are amazing! They are at an amazing price point and does exactly what it claims.

Thank you for supporting me so far. I am hoping to bring you more and better content next year! Hope you all have a safe, warm, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ✨💕


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