Black Friday Haul (2016) : Express, Bath & Body Works, & Target

Hello! Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and did lots of shopping! I didn’t feel like there were that many good deals this year or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough for them? I did not do any actual shopping on Friday but I did go out after my dinner on Thursday to just join the madness a bit. Here are the few things that I got!

Express // Pink Backpack (Original : $49 After Deal: $27 including tax)

(pictured above)

My boyfriend and cousin were shopping inside of Express because it was 50% off storewide. Right before they were paying I spotted this adorable pink backpack! I have been on the hunt for a beige or pink backpack like this for the longest time! The moment I saw it I knew I had to get it (especially with that awesome deal!!!). The pom keychain on the backpack is not included. I got the keychain from amazon from URSFUR (it has bunny ears!)

Bath and Body Works // Three Wick Candles (Original: $22.20 Deal: Buy 3 get 3)


A buy 3 get 3 free deal storewide is AMAZING! My cousins and I each got 2 candles and split the deal together.

Target // 7 ft String Lights ($5.99)


There was no deal here … hehe but I just thought these lights would make my headboard a bit less boring. I love them!

Target // Sinful Nail Polishes ($1.66 each)


I am not sure how much the deal was but they were in the sales section. The holidays mean that I need more sparkles in my life so of course I need them on my nails too! The pink one is call Santa Claws and the silver one is Sleigh My Name.


Here is a close up of Sleigh My Name! It’s so pretty and it has pieces of white stars with the glitter! I layered this on top of Essie’s Topless & Barefoot nail polish.

Target // Threshold Fuzzy Blanket (Original: $39.99 Deal: $23.99)


This is seriously the softest blanket I’ve ever felt! It’s so snuggly and warm that you will never want to leave your bed ever again. If you’re ever at a Target please find this blanket and feel it.

Hope you all enjoy this haul! Let me know some of the things that you got ☺️

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