Japanese Beauty Haul: Nivea, Avancé, Integrate

I found a new Japanese beauty boutique near my house last night and picked up a few items!


Nivea // Deep Moisture Lip balm (Olive & Lemon Flavor)

I spend over 15 minutes staring at the lip balm aisle because there were so many to choose from! They had brands like Nivea and vaseline but they had flavors and lip tints that we do not have here in the states. I ended up choosing this one because I honestly thought it was honeydew flavor for some reason but it’s not … HOWEVER this smells amazing! It doesn’t smell like olive but it has a fresh scent thats a bit like lemon and honey. I know that was a horrible description but if you can get your hands on this you should! It is very moisturizing and leaves no residue at all.

Avancé // Joliet Joliet (Perfect Curl Mascara)

I was actually on the hunt for my favorite Fairydrop mascara but they didn’t have it so the girl that was working there suggested this. I cannot read Japanese but from the pictures on the back I can assume that it is waterproof and can hold up a curl. It gives you steps on the back on how to apply so I will definitely try that out! I definitely love the wand of this already but it is thin and small so it can get to every lash!



Integrate (Shiseido) // Black Liquid Eyeliner

The Dollywink eyeliner that I bought before was so amazing that I wanted to try more Japanese eyeliners. The girl suggested this to me because I asked for something with a very fine and firm tip. She said that this brand is a little sister brand of Shiseido and definitely waterproof so I am very excited to give this a try! I did give this a swatch and the only thing that I am iffy about is that it isn’t that dark but we will see once I use it!

I forgot the exact price of everything but the total came out to be $42! 

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