My Favorite YouTube Channels

Desi Perkinsย 

First off, Desi is GORGEOUS! She is super talented and has the best style. I love her personality and she is hilarious on Snapchat. She seems so genuine and you can really feel her passion for her work. She recently did this transformation of Selena and the similarities are just uncanny! Her husband and her are definitely relationship goals!

Jenn Im (Clothesencounters)

I have followed Jenn’s channel since the very beginning and really watched her channel grow into what it is today. I really feel that she deserves her achievements! She feels like the best friend any girl can have. Her channel focuses on fashion but also with a bit of vlogging and beauty. She seems like the sweet girl next door with killer style. I really admire how she isn’t afraid to try anything when it comes to her style.

Claire Marshall (HeyClaire)

I really look up to Claire. She is fearless, true to herself, and confident. She is like the older sister that I wish I had. You can see all the effort that she puts into her videos and her knowledge in beauty is so broad. She does in dept beauty reviews, fashion hauls, and vlogs. I always look forward to her postings and I am never disappointed.

Amy Lee (Vagabond Youth)

I really connect with Amy because I found her when she first started to college til now. I feel like she has really motivated me to chase my passion and pursue beauty/fashion. She always keeps it real and really shows you her raw emotions. She is always trying to be better and I really admire that. She also has an adorable little doggy name Komey that you will definitely love!

Rachel Nguyen (ThatsChic)

She just recently finished her #31daysofthatschic and you should definitely go to her channel and binge it! Rachel is my definition of chic and wild. She is also super fearless and motivates me to JUST F’KIN DO IT! When you hear her story and see how hard she works … you’ll wonder why you’re just sitting there and complaining. She goes on many adventures and really pushes you to just try anything!

Judy Travis (ItsJudysLife)

FAMILY GOALS! I started watching Judy’s vlogging channel since she found out she was pregnant with her first baby! Judy has a beauty channel also but I mainly want to talk about her daily vlogging channel. I feel super attached to this family because I’ve watched them grown from a family of two to a family of five. They have three beautiful girls and two of them are twins! She is not afraid to show you the happy and the bad in her life. You’ll fall in love with this family just like I did once you start watching!

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