Top Five Favorite Scents: Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Versace & More

I am sharing with you all today another series of my favorites .. PERFUMES! I love collecting different scents and trying different brands of perfumes all the time. I usually go for things that are more light and floral. If only you can smell things through the internet … so you can all smell how amazing these perfumes are!


Issey Miyake // L’Eau d’Issey Florale ($76 1.6oz)

Notes: Mandarin, Lily, Rose, Musk, Whitewood.

Thoughts: This scent is a little mature because it’s a little musky. However, the floral scents do balance the musk out so it isn’t too strong. This scent definitely lingers around for a pretty long time. I usually go for this scent for a dinner date with my boyfriend or when I go out for a night of dancing.


Marc Jacobs // Daisy Eau So Fresh ($96 2.5oz)

Notes: Grapefruit, Natural Raspberry, Wild Rose, Musks, Plum, Cedarwood, Apple Blossom, Violet, Apple Blossom

Thoughts: I am mainly going to talk about the bottle with the colorful flowers but I honestly love all of the scents in the Daisy fragrance line. If I were to pick my signature scent it would definitely be this one! It’s smells very light, fun, and girly. The scent does not come off too strong and through out the day when you get whiffs of the perfume .. it is heavenly! I have actually been stopped by someone before because they loved the scent of this perfume. This will always remain my all time favorite!


Chanel // Chance Eau Vive ($78 1.7oz)

Notes: Blood Orange, Jasmine, Cedar, Iris

Thoughts: The first Chanel item I’ve ever gotten myself! As you can tell, I am very close to finishing this bottle because of how much I love it. It’s smells very girly but also very luxurious. I love that there’s jasmine in the scent because jasmine is my favorite scent! I am already considering repurchasing this.


Fresh // Pink Jasmine ($90 3.4oz)

Notes: Red Orange, Freesia, Lilac, Peony, Fresh Jasmine, Magnolia, Marshmallow, Precious Woods, Tiare Flower

Thoughts: I just recently purchased this but I already have to put it on my favorites. It obviously features jasmine and the jasmine is one of the stronger notes in this perfume. This is definitely a Spring/ Summer scent because of how floral and sweet it smells. The scent first goes on pretty strong but after a while it fades into this sweet citrusy scent.


Versace // Bright Crystal ($55 1.0oz)

Notes: Yuzu, Peony, Pomegranate, Musk, Vegetal Amber, Lotus Flower, Iced Accord, Magnolia, Acajou

Thoughts: This is probably my second most favorite scent out of them all on this list. It’s another one of those scents that I gravitate towards went I go for a fun night out. The scent does not come off too strong but it definitely makes a statement. I have this in rollerball form in my purse at all times!

4 thoughts on “Top Five Favorite Scents: Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Versace & More

  1. I love Daisy and Diasy Eau So Fresh! I haven’t been wearing them much lately because I feel like fall is coming and I need to musk things up but thanks for putting the scents back on my radar πŸ™‚ xo J

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