Seattle ’16 Recap

My boyfriend and I went on a trip to Seattle during July. It was both of our first times being there so I was very excited. Seattle is an interesting city because the downtown life is so calm to other cities like San Francisco or New York.


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We stayed in downtown at Hotel 5, which was pineapple themed. It was a very modern boutique styled hotel that was conveniently located near every touristy spot. We were walking distance to both the Space Needle and Pier.


Our first meal in Seattle as at Chans, a small Korean restaurant located in Public Market Center. I still think about the fried oysters from here … *drool*. They were huge and super juicy with this Thousand Island tasting sauce. We also ordered drinks, sliders, and kimchi fried rice in a skillet. I will definitely come back to this place whenever I visit!

The weather was super bipolar in Seattle. It would be really warm one moment but super gloomy and cold the next. We spend the second day mainly around the Public Market place where we visited the gum wall, fish market, and tried lots of food! We tried Beecher’s handmade cheese, Biscuit Bitch, and Piroshky Piroshky. I think my favorite had to be the Piroshky because of their cheese and beef bread. Another must have when you go to Seattle!

On the last day, we went to visit the Space Needle and the EMP museum. We did not however go up the Space Needle because right before we were about to go in I stepped in mud and my shoes got ruined. I was wearing the canvas TOMS so the mud was seeping through. It’s okay though because I got a picture!


Seattle was a very fun experience and I cannot wait to visit more places with my boyfriend! We honestly just ate and walked a lot during the trip but it was still a great time. One of my favorite moments during the trip was just hanging out at night on the pier and looking out at the water and city view.

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