Shiseido: Full Lash and Brow Serum



I don’t have the biggest eyes so I had always wanted fuller/longer lashes to open them up. I would try every mascara that people rave about to see if it would help me out. The thought of putting on fake lashes stress me out because I can never seem to get them even. I have been interested in getting eyelash extensions but I don’t know if I want to commit myself to that yet. One day, I was looking through Sephora’s website and stumbled upon this product. The reviews were wonderful and I thought $35 dollars isn’t too bad if the tube lasts about a month.

This product has changed my life! I apply this serum to my eyelashes two times a day (morning and night). The directions say to remember not to rub it in but to gently put it on. You can also use this on your eyebrows but I’ve been only focusing on my lashes. I have been using this for 3 weeks and my lashes have significantly grown fuller. They aren’t longer really but they are a lot more dense looking and definitely more vibrant! This product does not cause any irritation in the eyes because I have really sensitive eyes. The picture above are my lashes with only one stroke of mascara and no curler! The product claims that you’ll see great results after about two months but I already see some results after a few weeks so I am definitely excited to see what happens when I hit that mark.

I definitely recommend giving this product a try for healthier and fuller looking lashes!

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