My Best Friend: My Mom

I won’t deny it … even at the age of 24, my mother drives me crazy. She is controlling and is still as stubborn as ever.

As I reached my 20s I started to relate to her more. She would tell me about her stories with my dad and she became more honest with our family situations. She shared her worries with me while doing her best to not burden me. All through my life, my mom was the one who held my family together. She worked the hardest to keep us financially stable. She made sure I did not feel like I was less than my friends despite our financial status. She is the strongest woman I know. She has her own beliefs, which I find outdated and traditional but I have no doubt that if I told her my beliefs she would still accept me in the end. There are things that I definitely am still afraid to tell her about but in the end I know she will still love me and support me. I’ve experienced heartbreak and failure, and through it all my  mom was the one who has given me the most support. She thinks of me as the greatest and the sweetest person out there. She always tells me that I am stronger than I think I am and no one can break me down, Even if I am ever broken down she won’t stop picking me up til she is physically unable to. I never knew how I much I could love someone til I witnessed the love my mom has for me and my family. She is seriously such a wonderful person and the strongest person I’ve ever met. If  I could just be half as great as her, my life would be complete.

It’s so easy to complain about your parents while they’re still around but if one day they’re gone you would realize how immature you’ve been. Most of my friends are independent and moved out on their own. I would seriously like to experience that but in the end I really do appreciate this time with my mom. I am so privileged to have a mother who has been so loving towards me. She never stopped supporting me and she only wants the best of the best for me. I know I will disappoint her one day. However, what she does not know yet is that I will be happy and I will never stop loving / supporting her. She’s my best friend even through all the attitude I give her. I love her so much. Your relationship with your mother is precious. Don’t ever take it for granted.

Coming from an Asian family, I don’t think I’ve told my mom enough how much I love her. But, I hope my future actions would show her. My heart becomes full with her being in it.

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