June Favorites: Becca (Champagne Pop), Instax Mini 8, Etc.

I am finally on time with a monthly favorites! I have fallen in love with quite a few things this month and I am very excited to share them!


Lush // Mint Julips Lip Scrub ($9)

This has been the savior to my very chap lips! I have been really into wearing lipsticks lately and having an uneven surface just does not look cute. This lip scrub is all natural and even edible. It does an amazing job at keeping my softs soft and it smells (and taste) awesome! It definitely reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream …mmmm.

Smashbox // Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick ($24)

You might be similar with this product already due to my previous post on it. I got it in another popular nude color, Stepping Out. It is a deep nude color and sadly it is currently sold out on the website. It has more of a brown undertone and I was not very sure about it in the beginning but after several uses I am in love! It gives me a real 90s vibe.

Becca x Jacklyn Hill // Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – Champagne Pop ($38)

I GAVE IN. I always put this in my shopping cart online and then tell myself that I don’t need it. But, I was watching a bunch of Youtube makeup tutorials and every time someone uses this … I just die! The glow that it gives off is almost blinding! It pretty golden with a peachy pink undertone.  I want to use this all over my face!


FujiFilm  // Instax Mini 8 ($54.95)

I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera so when I saw this awesome deal on Amazon I knew I had to get it! This camera used to run for at least $100 but recently it dropped! The films are a bit pricey but I love the cute little polaroids that you get instantly. It’s so much better at capturing an instant moment.


Podcast // The Black Tapes

Do not listen to this in the dark if you are easily terrified and have a very active imagination. This is a biweekly podcast that follows Alex Reagan, a journalist, on uncovering the mysteries behind a series of black tapes with Dr. Strand. I don’t want to give too much away but this is very addicting. I was binging on this for days! The stories are intriguing and they’re very good at leaving you with cliffhangers so you will always want more! If you are a fan of anything paranormal this will definitely become a favorite. Its sort of modeled after the podcast, “Serial”, but this is fictional.

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