Hope and Love

I want to write about something a bit different today. This week has left me with a very heavy heart because of all the tragedy that has been going on.

Earlier this week, the Stanford rape victim’s letter and the result of the rapist’s trial has left me with anger. The letter from the rapist and his father to the judge has also left me speechless. We should not have to feel sorry for the rapist for what he has done. He should not be titled as a “Stanford Champion Swimmer” and we should see his mug shot instead of a bright young man smiling back at us on covers. His life was altered because of a decision he made while the victim never asked for any of this. The father said in his letter,“Now, he barely consumes any food and eats only to exist.” The letter states. “That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.” The fact that his sentence went from a maximum of 14 years to just 6 months and now to just 3 months in country jail? This case has followed me all week long and every time I see an article my heart is filled with more disappointment and anger. Nothing can change what had happened to the victim but now she has to see her rapist walk away like he just made a mistake.

Stanford Victim’s Powerful Letter Stanford Sexual Assailant’s Father’s Letter

This morning, I am once again filled with anger and my heart is broken over the Orlando, Pulse nightclub, shooting. These people were out with friends just living their lives but someone just came and took their lives because of his own hatred and beliefs. 50 people were killed while 53 were injured.

Orlando Gay Nightclub Mass Shooting

I am writing this post not to start a controversial debate so I hope that you all can respect my feelings. I want to post this here to remind myself of the world we live in. People are getting killed for being who they are, for loving who they want. Men are walking free because of their title and not getting recognized for what they have done. Women are being blamed for drinking too much and having too much fun. I would wish that the world we live in was much more understanding and loving but it is not. However, that should not stop us from continuing to being loving and understand of others. We need as much love as we can have in this world. So don’t stop believing. We all deserve to be accepted and to be loved ❤️

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