My Favorite Makeup Brushes

I try to not use that many makeup brushes when I get ready in the morning because I always dread washing them. My collection of brushes is quite small but I do love all the ones I own! There are several brushes that I use almost everyday and here they are:

IMG_7279Real Techniquesย 

(left to right)

  1. Buffing Brush
  2. Expert Face Brush
  3. Setting Brush
  4. Domed Shadow Brush

You can find this brand at Ulta and even Walgreens! These brushes don’t shed, they’re soft, and they blend so beautifully! Out of all these, my favorite has to be the Expert Face Brush. Perfect for blending out my foundation!





  1. Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush
  2. Pro Blending Brush

First off, these brushes are super affordable. They don’t cost more than $20. The buffing brush is my favorite because like it’s name, it works with anything. You can use it for powder or cream products. These brushes are both made with synthetic fibers and they feel amazing! I just want to brush my face with it all the time.


IMG_7281ย Morphe

  1. M523 Tapered Powder
  2. M105 Tapered Blush

I first heard of Morphe through Youtube Guru, Jeffree Star. The tapered powder brush is made with goat hair. I use it mainly for bronzing because of the way it’s shaped, it can really get those sharp edges. The blush brush does shred quite a lot but it’s still the best blush brush I’ve ever owned! It picks up just enough product and blends so seamlessly. I love blushes and now that I have this brush, my blush game has been ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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