BeautyBlender vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Price: BeautyBlender ($20) vs Real Techniques ($6.99)

BeautyBlender: I’ve loved this product the moment I first used it. It gives you such a flawless dewy finish and great coverage. I do find that it soaks up a lot of my foundation though but that’s hard to avoid. It does an awesome job at blending and helps you build up your make up without caking it on.

Real Techniques: The sponge itself does not feel as bouncy as the BeautyBlender but I love how there’s a flat side. The lack of bounce makes it a little harder to give even coverage. However, if you first apply your foundation with a brush then use the sponge to blend it out then it works perfectly! It doesn’t take up much time to add that extra step. I actually prefer to use this sponge (especially the flat side) for applying loose powder under my eyes. I don’t bake it but just use it to pat it on and it looks flawless! Another thing I notice about this sponge is that it does not take up water as much as the BeautyBlender which might be another reason why it doesn’t provide as great of a coverage.

Conclusion: I honestly still think the BeautyBlender is the winner out of the two but the differences really aren’t that big. BeautyBlender is great for foundation uses while the Real Techniques sponge is great for concealer / loose powder. Of course, the price of Real Techniques sponge is more reasonable at just $6.99 but the BeautyBlender really is amazing because of the coverage it gives.



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