February Favorites 2016

I am a little late on this post but here are some of my February favorites!


  • The true cream – moisturizing bomb // Belif ($38) : I have been using this in my night time routine and it is seriously becoming a staple! It’s super light weight and moisturizing. The product really absorbs into my skin quickly and I wake up the next day with such moisturized skin. You can find this brand at Sephora! I believe it is fairly new. The best part about this is that you can use it day or night and even on top of your makeup!


  • The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer // Tarte ($24) : I use this in the color Park Ave. I only use this to contour my nose because it’s super easy to apply! I have a very small nose with barely a nose bridge so this product really comes in to save my day. It is very easy to blend and I love how the color doesn’t come on looking like I smeared dirt on myself.


  • Super Shock Cheek (Lunch Money) // ColourPop ($8) : Along with the Tarte contour stick, I always use this to highlight the bridge of my nose. It’s such a natural highlight color for someone with my skin tone (NC20). I love how buttery smooth these product feel and how easy it is to apply with just your fingertips. Colourpop seriously has the best cheek and lip products at such a reasonable price!


  • Perfecting Skin Tint (medium) // Glossier ($26) : I already have a post about this product but I would like to mention it again because it’s seriously everything I want in an everyday face product! It’s super lightweight and applies like my second skin. It doesn’t dry me out at all and really evens out my skin tone. I only need like 2-3 drops to get the coverage I want. My only complaint is that this product doesn’t have any SPF but that won’t stop it from being a favorite!

One thought on “February Favorites 2016

  1. <3ing the Belif Aqua Bomb!!!!! I haven't tried the moisturizing bomb yet! I hear it is a bit creamier? Have you tried the other one? It is more gel like. Just posted it in my April favorites, lol! Awesome review! Following! 🙂


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