My La Jolla Recommendations

My boyfriend and I have been on an itch to go on vacation for a while but our schedules don’t permit us to go too far. We decided to spend another weekend in San Diego because of how much fun we had last time and how close it is to us (2 hours drive). We did a lot of eating and relaxing on this trip. La Jolla has won me over and I seriously want to move there some day!Β IMG_6962

We stayed at the Empress Hotel in La Jolla, San Diego. The staff is super friendly and the rooms are very clean. Their decor is very soothing like you’re staying by the beach. I love this hotel because it is walking distance to a lot of amazing restaurants and the La Jolla Cove.

La Jolla seriously has some of the best brunch places that I’ve ever tried! If there’s any foodies out there that are gonna visit San Diego then you must try at least one of these restaurants! My top 3 would have to be Cody’s, The Cottage, and Brockton Villa.



Here are two of my favorite dishes from Cody’s. Their fish n’ chips and veggies hash! I would never have thought that my boyfriend would like a vegetarian dish but he loves this! It is super flavorful and still filling because of the potatoes. The fish n’ chips is also perfect because it is very lightly battered with a delicious tartar sauce.





On this trip, we also discovered Karl Strauss Brewing Company. I ordered this delicious flat iron steak dish that came with sweet corn and potato mash. I hope that if you any of get the chance to visit San Diego that you would try out these restaurants!

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