ATTN Ladies: Let’s Talk About Thinx

We are going to talk about period panties today.


I first heard about Thinx through Bubzbeauty on Youtube. I was really skeptical about it at first … Underwear that can soak up your period so that you won’t need to wear a pad or tampon anymore? That honestly sounded a bit gross. A couple weeks later, my cousin and I was talking and she mentioned that she recently bought some Thinx panties. I had a TON of questions about what she thought about them. She told me that she hasn’t really tested them without wearing any tampons but she loves them for her lighter days like the beginning and end of her cycle. After talking to my cousin, I decided that it’s time for me to try this out! I am seriously so HAPPPPPPY that I made that decision.


Here’s what you need to know about the brand. It is created in New York by women and made in Sri Lanka by women. The product is made at a family-run factory and they work towards empowering women. I love this quote on their website, “By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, we aim to eliminate shame, empowering women and girls around the world.” You can read more about the brand and watch their short film on their website here: SHE THINX


I can seriously say that Thinx has changed my life (yes, I am dramatic). Personally, I am a total pad girl .. I have never even attempted using tampons because the idea of it scares me (don’t want it to get stuck or get an infection). However, pads leads to lots of leakage and whenever it’s time for bed I can’t even sleep comfortably because I am scared of waking up to an accident. My period just stresses me out because I am in constant fear of a leak when I am out and about. After I got these, I feel so secure all the time because it really does soak everything right up. I don’t always have to watch the way I sit, walk, and sneeze when I am on my period anymore. You don’t feel like you’re sitting in your own period either because the material soaks it into the second layer of the panties so you can stay dry. When I am wearing these I do feel supported and comfortable, so seriously, THANK YOU to the people who created these! You have really made my life easier.

They are a bit on the pricier side but it is totally worth it! They are at $34 USD a pair but if you buy 3 pairs, you get 10% off and so on. I think that this is a very good investment. They come in different styles for different types of flow. I bought them in the hip huggers style which is for heavier flows. THEY REALLY WORK (I am not sponsored by them)!

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