Dolly Wink Eyeliner


My skill with liquid eyeliners has improved so I have been on a kick try out more brands. My favorite one at the moment is still the Milani Eyetech one however that one becomes less precise once it has gone through several uses. I found an Asian beauty shop in my neighborhood and I’ve watched a lot of beauty gurus rave about this product so of course I had to pick one up!

First off, this liner is very pigmented so you actually get a lot of color payoff with just one stroke. This product also sets really quickly which I love because I can move right on to curling my lashes without it wiping any off. I still feel like the Milani Eyetech has a more precise tip but it’s not that much of a difference. The tip probably only makes a difference to me because I am still a newbie with my cat eye so I need it to be as thin as possible for me not to mess up. Once the product is set, it pretty much does not budge unless you are rubbing your eyes really hard or something. I found this at the beauty shop for around $13 (also around the same price on Amazon)! I do recommend you to try this product because it’s a wonderful product and still cheaper than what you can find at Sephora.

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