Family Traditions: Lunar New Year

The past week has been very fun and busy because it was Lunar New Years! I have not been the most traditional or superstitious person but I take this time of the year very seriously. Since I was a kid, I can remember my mom preparing for this holiday weeks in advance. The atmosphere has always been really exciting and every one in the family always comes together to have dinner. When I was younger, all I looked forward to was getting those red envelopes (they are filled with money) and eating candy in the morning (it’s for good luck)! Now, I love this holiday because of all the traditions my mom has developed. I love spending time with my mom to help her because I have duties of my own now. I love the dishes that are cooked because each ones has a meaning. This holiday holds a lot more meaning to me now than back then because it is something I want to pass on to my children.

This is the family dinner that we had during the night of Lunar New Year’s Eve. There’s always chicken and pork so everyone can have a full stomach before the big day. You have to have the fish and it must not be froze. The shrimp represents happiness because the word shrimp sounds like “haha” in cantonese. The thought that comes into this meal every year is amazing and my mom does this all by herself.

The house is always full of beautiful flowers that my mom make sure does not bloom before Lunar New Year. She goes to the same flower market every year in Chinatown to find these. The pink monkey envelope is also from my mom. She always picks something cute to give me. These little things will always touch my heart and I am so happy that I can fully appreciate all the effort my mom puts into this holiday. I hope that I can keep these traditions for my future children and have them continue to pass it on.

What are some of your family traditionsย that you would wish to pass on oneย day too?

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