Six Sassy Sistas

I got the pleasure of testing out the brand, ‘Six Sassy Sistas’! This brand claims to be 99% chemical free with 100% natural oils! It comes with a lot of fun scents such as blueberry, crispy apple, and my favorite the gummy worm. It claims to be good for moisturizing, shaving, conditioning the hair, and even to mix with sugar/ coffee to make an exfoliant. The creator has dedicated these products all to her loving adorable grandmother which makes this brand stand out to me even more!

After using these oils for a week, I can say that I do love it! First of all, they smell amazing! I have used them to moisturize my cuticles because they are always drying out from the acetone. My favorite part about this product? It’s not greasy at all! It really soaks in the your skin and works it magic. I have also tried using it to shave which was also amazing! It’s like shaving and moisturizing at the same time (lazy girl hack). This product also claims to diminish stretch marks, which I am going to start trying (I will report back on that)! This is a very affordable brand and a little goes a long way! Give it a try and support this brand!

Use the code SASSY1004 to receive 40% off!

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