Asian Junk Food Recommendations

I am a major foodie. I don’t necessarily eat A LOT, but I love having a variety of food and I am constantly craving something. Sadly, my metabolism has been slowing down with age so I can’t indulge in junk food the way I use to. My favorite guilty pleasure has to be chips. I am totally a savory > sweets type of girl. The best kind of chips? ASIAN ONES. They are super creative with their flavors! I want to share some of my favorite ones here that you can actually find online or in Asian Markets (hopefully).


  • Calbee is definitelyย my favorite brand of Asian snacks, especially this PIZZA one. They used to sell it around my area but then they stopped. Then, I found out you can order these in bulk on Amazon … and my life changed They are super flavorful and also RUFFLE. There are pieces of melted “cheese” on there. You will NOT regret trying these!


  • If you like things with a bit of a spicy kick then these spicy corn chips are perfect! They are definitely nothing like Hot Cheetos but they are seriously comparable to it! You can also find this on Amazon (they have everything).


  • I am sorry to all American bbq flavored things because you are all doing it wrong! This flavor is finger licking good!! I am seriously not sponsored by Calbee (but I would not mind).


  • If you see these tubes in an Asian grocery store, please do yourself a favor and grab one (especially the green one)! They are chocolate covered fruit gummies. I know it sounds weird … but they are super addicting! I seriously eat a whole tube in one setting.

I know it’s a bit easier to find these snacks if you live in Los Angeles, because I can find them. However, you can always order on Amazon if you are really interested! These are seriously snacks that I’ve had since I was a kid and even til this day I am obsessed with them. I wish they were a bit easier to get but I just order them online to make my life easier. If any of you do end up trying them please let me know! Do you have any of your country’s snacks that you can recommendย me?

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