Movie / TV Show Recommendations

My winter break is sadly coming to an end … but I would like to thank Hulu and Netflix for accompanying me every day the past 3 weeks. Here are some recommendations for those of you looking for something new to watch!

Something Scary:


You can find this movie on Netflix! It’s not a very gory or “jump out at you” scary so it is really bearable to watch. The storyline is quite original and will really surprise you. It has been one of the better thrillers/horror films that I have seen in a while. I don’t want to tell you anything about this movie so that you can go watch it not knowing what to expect like I did. Give it a chance!

Something Serious:


I am sure many of you had heard the buzz on this documentary all over the internet. If you love the podcast ‘Serial’ then you will definitely love watching this. The story of Steven Avery is very intriguing and I am sure every one has their own opinion on whether or not he is innocent. This is definitely something you would end up binging on!

Something About Love:


This movie can be found on Netflix! It is a story about a young college couple who have been dating for 6 years. They hit some obstacles in their relationship and you follow them as they work through it. This movie felt really real and you really feel the characters’ emotions when they argue. It was a pretty relatable movie especially for people in their twenties!

Something Funny:


This is my favorite cartoon ever! I love all the characters (especially Tina)! They all have their own hilarious traits and this show is full of funny one-liners. You really learn to love the Belcher family.


3 thoughts on “Movie / TV Show Recommendations

  1. Bob’s Burgers is one of the most well written shows on television. The characters are so brilliant from their writing to their voice acting. I would recommend this show to anyone from the age of 10-65 and I know they would all laugh. It’s the true successor to The Simpsons in my opinion.

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