My Top 5 Face Cleansers


  1. Soy Face Cleanser // Fresh ($38) – I have only used this cleanser for about a month and it has already taken the place of #1 in my top 5 cleansers! It has a really strong cucumber scent so if you don’t like that then I would suggest not to get this. It does a great job at removing my make up and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too tight/ dry afterwards. It’s really gentle on my skin and I usually like to pair it with my Clarisonic! It leaves me feeling very clean and refresh!


2. Purity Made Simple // Philosophy ($24) – This cleanser was my favorite until the Fresh one came along. This is also a very gentle face cleanser that does a great job at removing makeup off my face. It doesn’t really have a scent and lathers up real nice. This also leaves my skin very hydrated after using.



3. Regenerating Cream Cleanser // Olay ($6.99) – This is my absolute favorite drugstore face wash! It has microbeads in there so it gently massages your face while it foams up. I love how it feels and it leaves my skin very smooth! This product is for the more mature crowd I feel but I love using it too as a prevention from aging!


4. Ultra Facial Cleanser // Kiehl’s ($19.50) – This remains one of my all time favorites because it is one of the first non-drugstore face washes I’ve ever used. This is one of my mom’s favorite brands because of how “healthy” this brand is. I don’t really like the scent of this wash but I definitely feel like it does an amazing job at deep cleaning your face. This product feels very cream and leaves your face feeling very smooth!



5. Morning Burst Hydrating Facial Cleanser // Clean & Clear ($6.79) – I have been using this face wash religiously for years every morning! My skin tends to be the most dry in the mornings so I appreciate how this never dries me out even more. It really wakes up my skin in the morning and refresh me.



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