Blogmas : Finale (My Christmas)

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the ones that you love! I had a great week with my family, boyfriend and friends that I have completely neglected my blog.

On Christmas eve my boyfriend took me to Flemings steak house to have dinner. We ate some delicious steaks and spend some much needed quality time together. I am so thankful for him 😊

On Christmas day, we all went over to my cousin’s house to have a bbq and just spend time together as a family. As I get older, I appreciate and treasure the time that I spend with my family a lot more. It was a bad idea to eat outdoors because it was freezing but we had lots of delicious food! I spend the day just eating and watching scary movies with my cousins. I would recommend the movie, ‘Oculus’! It was very interesting and much better than, ‘It Follows’.


Yesterday, I had a secret santa x potluck x ugly christmas sweater party at my house! It was lots of fun to have all my close friends there and create more memories! It’s a lot more difficult to have everyone get together as we get older so I really love moments like these.



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