Blogmas: Day 6 (What’s on my Phone)

Today has been a very exciting day for me because I finally got the iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold. I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I wanted to get this phone because it is seriously ginormous … BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH (it does hurt a lot more when it falls on my face though)! It’s so pink and the quality is amazing! I am obsessed with this phone so I thought I would share what I have on it with you guys ☺️



I like to keep my apps semi-organize … it works for me haha. I love going on Buzzfeed to read when I am bored. I am also recently obsessed with Pinterest (I found my wallpaper on here). Soundcloud is also what I use to listen to music in my car. It’s just a lot easier than uploading music all the time.


If you had not discover Waze .. And you live in LA? Please use it … it will save you a lot of traffic time (most of the time). I also hate driving so I use Uber/Lyft whenever I have to go downtown (trying to avoid my own road rage).


Here comes the fun part! It’s fun to me at least because I love editing my pictures and making them brighter. Afterlight is my go-to photo editor because it’s really easy to understand. I usually just use it to change the contrast and brightness. I will also mess around with highlights and exposure sometimes. My pictures look better quality without looking too edited (check my Instagram @jennyy.lau to see). VSCO is a popular one but I still don’t really use it Β … I honestly only got it because there’s such a big hype over it. Snapseed is good for blurring out things and editing shadows in your pictures. I got this because of Heyclaire on Youtube haha.

This last page on my phone is stuff that I don’t use often. P.Tracker is my period tracker. I like this one because the icon is appealing haha … and it just sounds better than “period journal” or “period diary”. It does it’s job so I am going to keep using it! I recently found this game “TripleTown” .. I don’t know how long I’ll be playing it yet but the bears are so cute! Neko Atsume is the kitty collecting game I mentioned the other day. Yes, I am still playing it haha 🐱

Share any of your favorite apps here! I would love to see any suggestions πŸ’•

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