Blogmas: Day 4 (Mia 2 Lavender Hydration Pack)

I hung out with my boyfriend today. We went to get Korean bbq for dinner and then we headed to Target to shop for some decorations for my Secret Santa party at my house. We then headed to the mall to walk around a bit and found my ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ at H&M for only$17.99! So if you’re looking for one that would be a great place. We ended the night watching ‘The Martian’ at AMC. I really enjoyed this movie! I thought the actors did a great job and I am interested in reading the book now too!


During the Sephora VIB sale last month I purchased the ‘Mia 2 Lavender Hydration Skin Cleansing System’. It is currently $149 ($191 value) on the Sephora website. I had to replace my Clarisonic since it died on me a couple of months ago and when I saw this package I thought it was such a great deal! There’s no complaining about the Clarisonic but I would like to comment on the products it came with.

  • Soy Face Cleanser // Fresh – I’ve tried this cleanser as a sample before and didn’t really enjoy it but this time I love it! It has a strong cucumber scent and feels very gentle against the skin. It doesn’t dry me out at all. ItΒ really cleans off the dirt and make up off my face. I think I am a believer and I will purchase this when I am done!
  • ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment // Glamglow – Let’s be real … we all know how expensive Glamglow products are so I was very excited to see this. It’s like a leave on mask and it leaves a tingling minty feeling after you apply it. It really does hydrate my skin really well because when I wake up the next day I see a glow on my face.
  • The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb // Belif – I’ve never heard of this brand before and I haven’t try this out yet. I will report back on how I feel about this!

This is such a good deal if you’re looking to gift someone or even for yourself! There’s also a ‘Mia 2 Starry Night Set’ that comes with different products for people looking for anti-aging properties.

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