Blogmas: Day 3

Hello! Let’s take a little look into what happened today …

I got out of class around 10am today and stopped by Walgreens to help my mom get something. Of course, I left the store with more than I went for ..

My mom made me tomato beef soup with macaroni! It was so delicious and the perfect meal to eat in this chilly weather. She’s the sweetest ❀️

I took Β a nap before my class tonight and knocked out for a bit way toooooo long.

For dinner, I had my mom’s homemade dumplings! They are super juicy and very healthy! I can eat these foreverrrrrrr *_*


I have been obsessed with this game! It’s a Japanese app call, ‘Neko Atsume’! I am allergic to cats but I absolutely adore them so this game makes up for it that hehe. Look at how cute my kitties are 😍

I am currently eating my snacks that I got today … I will regret this tomorrow. Hope you all had a great day!

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