Blogmas: Day 1 + 2

Hello! There is thing on Youtube call, ‘Vlogmas’, where people would vlog everyday until Christmas. I thought it would be fun to do my own blog version of this! Hope you will all enjoy it! ( I am going to start with day 2 since I missed December 1st )

Today has been a very relaxing day! I woke up around 11am and stayed in bed because it was FREEZING! I had lunch with my mom and we hung out for a bit. I then spend the rest of my day doing some assignments and online shopping. I did most of Christmas shopping online today! I am so excited for them to get here so I can wrap them up. I get very excited and eager whenever it’s someone’s birthday or the holidays because I love seeing their reaction when they open it up. My mom and I then grabbed dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It was very delicious! We then stopped by Marshalls for like a hour. I didn’t want to leave there because they had so many amazing things because Christmas is coming up! I came home afterwards and repainted my nails and here I am!Β I really hope I can keep up with this Blogmas thing …

My awesome finds from Marshall! I found cute wrapping paper, gift ties, and gift tags for less than $15 all together! I also found this awesome journal that says, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”, by Susan Sontag.

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