Black Friday Haul

I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping til it was Friday night, to try and avoid the madness. It was obvious when I got to the mall that a lot of people were exhausted already lol. The stores were all a mess and it seems like all the good deals were only for door busters πŸ˜•. But, I still made some purchases in the end even though most of them were not even deals.

Top Shop // I actually received an amazing deal on these tops. It was my only discounted items haha. I got the crop top for just $20 (originally $40) and the halter top was only $15.

Top Shop // I was on the hunt for a cute fedora for the longest time and I found it at last! It was not on sale there for it was like around $48?

NYX // I had to stop by to get more of these nail polishes! They are only $5 each!! They are the perfect consistent and easy to apply πŸ’…πŸ»

NYX // This lip cream has been raved by so many beauty gurus that I knew I had to get it. It’s in the shade, Stockholm. These lip creams are very opaque (the swatch in the picture is only one stroke)! They are not drying at all even though it’s matte and only for $6!

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