Current Favorite Candles


I love lighting a candle at night in my room during winter time because it adds such a cozy and warm feeling. I tend to go for scents that are more light and floral like gardenia and jasmine. Bath and Body Work’s candles were a favorite of mine back then but then I realized how they come off too strong at times and I would get sick of it really soon. After some hunting, I have found the following candles to be perfect for me!

Yashioka Gardenia // Voluspa – My boyfriend’s sister bought this for me from Portland. This candle is made out of coconut wax. I love this candle because it smells very clean and light. The candle jar is also gorgeous! I am totally saving this jar after I am done with it.

Grapefruit + Champagne // Urban Outfitters – I have mention this candle before but the more I use it the more I love it! The grapefruit does not come off too sweet so it doesn’t give you a sick feeling after it has been burning for a while.

Pink Magnolia // Target – This has been a favorite of mine for a while. I think this is my third one? This candle can light forever and it is a soy candle. This is the freshest scent out of all my candles! It’s very girly and almost smells like fresh laundry!

Lilac Blossom // Marshalls – I hate to keep describing all my candles with the same words but they seriously all smell similar to each other because that’s what I am drawn to haha. But this one is probably the strongest scent out of all them. This candle is very long burning because I’ve used A LOT and it’s still barely half way done.

TIP: Remember to trim your wick if it looks too long before burning your candle after it has been used. Trim it down to about 1/4 inch! It really makes a difference and keeps the scent from your candle from getting smokey. 

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