My New Hair + Hair Care Products


I’ve always been a dark hair gal but recently I’ve been feeling a little adventurous and I wanted change! It doesn’t look that light in this picture but I went for an ash brown color. I told my hairdresser that I wanted dimension in my hair and for it to go a little lighter. She bleached only several strands of hair around my head for some low/highlights and then gave me an overall color change. This option was good because it is low maintenance and less damaging. I am so excited for the next time I go change my hair because it will gradually get lighter!

Since there’s bleach in my hair and some blonde/ashy highlights I wanted to take good care of it. Asian hair tends to get brassy when it gets too light so I went out and bought some ‘purple’ shampoo and conditioner. I don’t know how I feel about this yet because it was the only ones I could find at CVS. If you have any great suggestions please leave a comment down below! Thank you!

Coloring your hair is very damaging especially when bleach is involve so I made sure to protect my hair even more than normal! These three are some of my favorite hair care products!

  • Deep Repair Masque // Macadamia – This stuff makes your hair smell amazing! I use this in the shower and leave on for 2 minutes. It leaves my hair feeling so silky! Tip: try looking for this at Marshalls/TJ MAXX! it’s a lot more worth it than getting it at a drug store.
  • Penetrating Oil // Argan Oil of Morocco – I used this the night after I got my hair done and it seriously revived it!
  • Miracle Leave-In plus Keratin // It’s a 10 – Anything by this brand is amazing! I use a lot of heat products but I feel like this really helps because I don’t have that much split ends and my hair isn’t dry.

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