Compare: Dry Fast Top Coats

I love having my nails painted but I do not like going to the nail salon because the spendings can really add up! So I give myself manicures at home basically every week and through out the years I’ve found several top coats that I’ve fallen in love with. I get pretty impatient so I always use the ‘dry fast’ ones. Here are some that I’ve tried out and I’ll let you know which one I love the most!

(Ranked from favorite to least favorite)

  1. Out The Door // INM – This is seriously the best top coat ever! It’s not only because it dries super fast but it also provide a lot of shine. My nail polish doesn’t chip easily and as it dries if I accidentally hit my nails on something it doesn’t dent. It’s seriously a holy grail! The best part? It’s only $4.99 at my local Target! Go pick one up and see for yourself!
  2. Seche Vite – Before I found the INM one I used to love this. The only con is that the product gets clumpy in the bottle before you go through it so it becomes a waste because it’s almost $10 a bottle. However, this also dries very fast and is probably the shiniest top coat I’ve ever used. (Tip: Don’t apply too thick of a layer when using this because then it doesn’t dry fast and dents easily if you brush it against anything)
  3. Insta-Dri // Sally Hansen – This basically does it’s job but sometimes after using it I would still chip my nails pretty early on. My nails are also pretty healthy so they don’t break often so I think this top coat just isn’t that thick. It does have a flat wide brush so it glides on very easily and it’s not clumpy at all. Also a very affordable top coat at the price of $6.39!
  4. Sec N Dry // Orly – I heard good things about this top coat which is why I decided to try it out but its not my favorite. I don’t mind using it but compared to the rest I don’t think it does that great of a job. I don’t even find it drying that fast compared to the other 3 that I’ve talked about. It goes on as very thin layers and it does provide some shine. But I find it a bit too streaky for me. You can find this for about $8 depending on where you get it.

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