My Blush Collection

Here are all the blushes in my collection as of now! It isn’t a big collection but I don’t mind it growing pretty soon ๐Ÿ˜ I am on the lookout for some peachier tones and maybe even deeper colors for fall time. Any suggestions? I also want to try out some drug store blushes! Please leave any recommendations, thank you!

(left to right)

  1. Blissful // Tarte – I love Tarte and their Amazonian Clay blushes! This is the first Tarte blush that I’ve ever purchased and I think that it remains my favorite color. The powder is so smooth and doesn’t go on heavily. I also love how this is a matte blush.ย It gives my cheeks a very natural pop of flush.
  2. Celebrated // Tarte – I believe this is a limited edition product. This is also an Amazonian Clay blush so I already love the texture of it. However, I bought this online so when I first saw it I was like, “Wow .. it’s so pale”. I thought about returning it but then I decided to give it a try. I have to use a bit more product when I am putting this on but it gives my skin a very subtle hint of mauvey-pink.
  3. Diffused Heat // Hourglass – A little goes a long way for me when I am using this. It has little hints of glitter in there. This blush photographs very well because its more of a hot pink color so it can show up more. The best part about this blush is that it works as a highlighter plus blush at the same time.
  4. Warm Soul (Mineralize Blush) // MAC – I first heard about this blush from one of my favorite Youtubers, ItsJudystime aka itsJudyslife! I remember her putting it on in one of her vlogs and mentioning that it’s one of her favorites. If you watch some of her older vlogs where she is wearing this, she always has such a radiant glow on her face. After, two years, I still had not forgot about this so I finally went to pick one up! If I could only use one blush for the rest of my life, I think this would be the one.ย It gives your face such a healthy peachy-mauve color.ย It’s so effortless and natural looking. I LOVE IT!
  5. Orgasm // Nars – I feel like that many people are familiar with this color.ย These blushes if you use too heavy handed it can really make you look a bit crazy haha (I’ve made that mistake before). I used to really like this color because it last for a long time and its such a pretty bright pink color. But, when I discovered the next color that I will be talking about, I hadย to retire this one.
  6. Deep Throat // Nars – This is No.2 on my favorites list of blushes. I would say that this blush also fits in a more peachy category (can you see the pattern?). I don’t really go towards the brighter pink colors anymore because I don’t find them natural enough for my skin tone (NC 25). Colors like this and ‘Warm Soul’ from MAC really adds a more natural flush to myย skin because they are peachier. They also both add a healthy glow to my cheeks.

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