Let’s Talk Tv : Empire


EMPIRE IS BACK! This show just sucks you in with all its family drama and catchy music. Cookie Lyon is also queen with all her fabulous outfits and sassy attitude. I would not want to mess with her. I just caught up with all the current episodes of season 2 and I am so hooked! (spoilers ahead)


Can we please talk about everything that happened in this week’s episode, Poor Yorick (2×04)? I seriously see Jamal slowly becoming Lucious. Andre finally won Lucious back and I am very suspicious of his wife. I feel like although Andre may be the bipolar one .. she’s the real crazy. Hakeem should have totally just send the text to Jamal to apologize! AND I cannot wait to see how the story will go with the girl singing in the end of the episode becauseΒ I am sure Hakeem will try to recruit her. Her voice was amazing! One more thing … Cookie should just work with Mimi because those two are hilarious together.

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