September Winners: Place & Food (Nonbeauty)

Hello! I am kind of late on my September favorites but I just realized that I don’t really have any new beauty favorites this month. However, September was a very exciting month for me. It was my boyfriend’s 25th birthday, we had a weekend getaway in San Diego, and I also went to Las Vegas for my best friend’s birthday! Here are some non- beauty favorites that I discovered.

I took my first official trip to San Diego last month and absolutely fell in love with this place. We stayed specifically in La Jolla, right by the La Jolla Shores. The area was beautiful with so many private own restaurants and stores. I don’t think I saw any fast-food around there. Every morning we would walk to get brunch then walk down to the cove and just hang out by there. I’ve never felt so relaxed on vacation before. The weather was pretty hot but the skies were always so blue and the ocean was so beautiful! San Diego is definitely one of my favorite places (downtown San Diego at night is also SO much fun!).

I hate swimming … or more like I am a very bad swimmer. The water used to always scare me but during this trip I realized how breathtaking the view of the ocean is. The calm that washes over me as I watch the view is something I’ve never felt before. I would stare at this all day if I could.

Now, the fun part … favorite FOOD! I tried my first charcuterie board when I went to San Francisco during August.This one that I tried in San Diego opened up my interest for it even more. I am not much of a cheese person because sometimes the taste and smell is too potent for me. But after having it again in San Diego I found myself craving for it every day. I am totally going to make one at home to enjoy soon. It’s just so much fun eating a board filled up with such flavorful goodies! My favorite cheeses are definitely pepper jack, brie, and havarti. What are yours?!

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