Sephora gift bag haul

I did a survey at Sephora yesterday and received a gift bag! Sephora is always very generous with the gifts they give you and the stuff that you can redeem with your points. I was very surprised when I went through the items. There were a lot of Asian beauty products which got me very excited!

  1. Shiseido – Ultimate Eye (a concentrated eye cream)
  2. Lancome – Advanced Genifique (youth activating concentrate)
  3. Lacoste – Blanc Pure (cologne)
  4. Aethiopika – Hydrate & Twist Butter (hair butter)
  5. Amore Pacific – Future Response Age Defense Dual Eye Creme
  6. Kate Somerville – Exfolikate (intensive exfoliating treatment. I am very excited about this! such a big tube of it too!)
  7. First Aid Beauty – Face Cleanser
  8. Caolion – Blackhead Steam Pore Pack (VERY excited to try this)

Thank you Sephora!! 😍

6 thoughts on “Sephora gift bag haul

    1. Very true! That’s why I always make good use of the samples and redeeming my beauty points haha. Thank you for the follow! Going to read your review on it now!

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      1. Thanks for following me back! I saw that you’ve written about so many products I like in your past posts, so I’m looking forward to reading more from you πŸ™‚


    1. It was a survey at the Santa Anita Westfield location in California! It was just a survey on my experience at sephora haha. I think I got lucky yesterday πŸ˜†

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