My Mascara Collection

I recently did a make up cleanse and I am now left with these! I love mascara because they can do so much for you when you don’t feel like putting on too much. They open up your eyes and can make you look more awake. As you can tell I have a lot of deluxe samples of mascara thanks to Sephora (make good use of those points!). Its way better to get these samples than actually having to buy them because this way you can try everything and not waste them.

  1. Cannonball // Urban Decay – Lengthening, super waterproof, and very dark! VERY SMUDGE PROOF and long lasting.
  2. Perversion // Urban Decay – Lots of volume! I love how it fans out my lashes giving them a dramatic look.
  3. Maximizer // Dior – This is a lash primer and it really helps hold my curl. It’s also a serum where its supposed to help your lashes grow! I don’t really know if that part is working for me but I do love this!
  4. Voluminous Butterfly // Loreal – Very lengthening but not enough volume. I usually like to use this after using a mascara that has more volume. It helps comb out the clumps and spread out my lashes. It has a double sided comb brush.
  5. Miss Rock Manga // Loreal – I love using this for my bottom lashes because it is so dark and not clumpy at all. It also never smudges!
  6. Miss Manga // Loreal – This one provides more volume than the Miss Rock Manga. Also very smudge proof and not clumpy.
  7. Bottom Lash Mascara // Clinique – It has a tiny brush that is perfect for your bottom lashes. It does what it says but I wish it was a bit dark so it would show more.
  8. Smokey Eye Mascara // Bobbi Brown – Provides lots of volume! Very dramatic! Not waterproof but I haven’t seen it having any fall out.
  9. Smokey Extravagant // Make Up For Ever – Very similar to the Bobbi Brown one.
  10. Iconic Overcurl // Dior – This is something that I would actually go and purchase the full size of. I’ve tried a lot of Dior Show mascaras and this is my favorite. It can really hold a curl! It not only lengthens but also provides lots of volume. I love this!
  11. ? // Marc Jacobs – This one is also very similar to the Bobbi Brown and Make Up For Ever one. The thing I love most about these is that there’s never any fall out.

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