Get to know me : 002

I have Trypophobia. Seriously.

Trypophobia is a phobia of small dots or holes in a close cluster. I would provide a picture example but I just can’t have an image of that on my blog. I first found out I had this when I was in high school. An old friend of mine send me a link to a picture of maggots inside of a breast. The image scarred me for life. I freaked out and got very angry with him and found myself wanting to cry because of how disgusting and horrifying it was to me. I can’t even stare at a bruise on myself because sometimes bruises have little dots that form and even that I can’t stand. A few years ago my brother had a laser treatment to get rid of his acne scars. It caused a cluster of little dots on his face and I bursted out crying in public when I saw it. Do any of you have any phobias? Share them here!

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