Here are some of my favorite items that I rotate at night. So far, these products have helped me get rid of all my make up and oil by the end of the night perfectly!

First step:

  1. Cleansing Micellar Water // Simple – I usually use this to get rid of my eye make up if I have on a very heavy look that day. It’s very gentle and doesn’t cause the skin around my eye to dry and crack like other eye make up removers. I usually use about one cotton pad per eye and it really does the trick!
  2. Make-up Breakup Gel Cleansing Oil // Boscia – HOLY GRAIL! If I just have on my daily makeup I will just use this to get everything off. It really melts off everything on my face even my waterproof mascaras. I love how gentle it is on my skin too so I don’t have to rub too hard to get everything off. I’ve used like two bottles of these already. If you’ve never tried a cleansing oil before or is looking for one … THIS IS IT!

Second step (in the shower):

  1. Face Soap and Clarity // Soap & Glory – I found this face wash in Sephora a few years back then they discontinued it. Then a few months ago I found it on their website again! I love how refreshing it makes my skin feel and it smells great. There’s little pink beads in the wash that I can actually feel bursting as I rub it into my face. I usually rotate around this face wash and face scrubs as my second step in cleansing my face. Sometimes, I’ll even pair this with my Clarisonic if I’m feeling like I need a little extra something.
  2. Blackhead Eliminating Scrub // Garnier – My skin isn’t exactly oily, it’s more like normal? But this scrub makes your skin feel so clean once you wash it off because it also has a cooling sensation. I also noticed that after I’ve started using this I don’t see many blackheads hanging out on my nose anymore. I don’t have anything to praise about this other than it does it’s job. I’m always switching my face wash/ scrubs around but as of now this one is to stay (until I finish it)!
  3. Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub // St. Ives – We’ve all heard of their apricot scrub right? I think it was one of the first face scrubs I’ve ever used in middle school. I heard a lot of great things about this face scrub from people on Youtube. It’s a lot more gentle with finer beads. I don’t exactly feel like it cleanses very well but it sure does leave your skin feeling very smooth. I usually rotate between using this and the blackhead face scrub.

Third step (after shower):

  1. Cucumber Cleansing Lotion // Mario Bedescu – I love toners! They are always a great way to finish off my night cleansing routine because they get all the stubborn dirt and makeup off my face before I work my way onto my night cream. It’s always satisfying to see nothing on the cotton pad after using my toner because it shows that I’ve done my job well at cleaning my face. I do love this toner the most so far though because it leaves a really clean and refreshing feeling on my face. I love anything that leaves a cooling or minty sensation on my face if you can’t tell already. It just helps me feel extra clean! I don’t stick with just one toner but as of now this one is here to stay for sure!

I find it so important to keep my skin clean especially since I wear make up almost every day. Even if it’s only some concealer, I still find it very important to let my skin be clean and breath at night (no matter how tired I am I will always wash my face). What are some of your favorite face washes, scrubs, or toners? Let me know!

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