Labor Day Weekend | Nocturnal Wonderland 2015

I had quite a busy Labor Day weekend 😊. There was a three day event in San Bernardino, CA call Nocturnal Wonderland, hosted by Insomniac Events. It was their 20th anniversary and it was amazing. The stages were so great and there was a lot to explore and do there. I am still recovering a bit because it was at a very big venue and every time I wanted to travel between stages I had to walk up and down a very steep hill. I am too weak for that much walking πŸ˜‘. There was even camping at the venue which I did not participate. I did get to go to the after hour silent disco … which I am not quite sure how I feel about it. It’s basically a bunch of people listening to music through headphones while dancing. So, if you’re not listening to music and just observing … it does seem a little awkward. Overall, I had an amazing experience. Hope you can enjoy this video I put together and experience what I saw too!

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