Give me them wings

I’ve always been jealous of girls with that perfect wing liner because it makes the eyes look so captivating. I find with the help of liner (and lots of mascara), my eyes look more defined and alive. The beginning of my eye liner journey was not easy at all. I had to wash my face several times and start over before I could get one eye right. Crayon liner is not my friend at all because it would smudge everywhere and is too thick. Liquid liner was a struggle at first too until I found the Milani, ‘Eye Tech Extreme’! The two items in the picture above are definitely my holy grails right now!

  1. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner // Bobbi Brown – This stuff is definitely long wear once you let it set. I love this liner with my Sephora brush that I will talk about later. It goes on very smoothly and very pigmented. The only complaint I have is that the product is already getting a bit dried out and I’ve only had it for a few months. I think it’s also because I don’t use it often because I only put on eye liner for night outs and events.
  2. PRO bent liner (Eyeliner precision 23) // Sephora – I LOVE THIS BRUSH! The bent makes it easier for me to make the wing and connect it. The brush head is also very thin and sharp which helps it to not go on too thickly. This brush with the Bobbi Brown Β gel liner is a match made in heaven!
  3. Eye Tech Extreme // Milani – I decided to be brave one day and venture into the world of liquid eyeliners again. I was contemplating on the Kat Von D or Stella liquid eyeliners since so many beauty gurus rave about them. But, I was thinking that I might not even end up using it much so I shouldn’t get such expensive ones. Then, I remember watching old videos of heyclaire from Youtube and she used to talk about the Milani eyeliners. Sorry for this long story but I just want to say … this is seriously amazing!Β The tip of the liner is very fine and sturdy so it makes it easier to get that flick for the wing. It also goes on very dark and can last for a whole day! This eyeliner changed my life because now I can also rock them wings 😌

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