Beauty Winners: AUGUST

Beauty favorites of August!
Beauty favorites of August!
  1. Rose Hand Cream // Jurlique – This hand cream is seriously one of the best that I’ve ever used! It not only smells great but leaves your hand feeling very smooth. The rose scent is not over bearing so it doesn’t leave you feeling nauseous. It’s a very rich cream but it does not leave you feeling greasy.
  2. Mask of Magnaminty // Lush – My skin has been suffering from this heat. My make up is constantly melting off my face and clogging my pores. This mask really drags out my impurities and leave me feeling very refresh. It also smells like mint chocolate ice cream, so try not to eat it hehe.
  3. Black Sugar Mask // Skin Food – This is more of a scrub than a face mask to me. It’s quite gentle to your skin but it really scrubs off the dead skin leaving your skin to feel very supple.
  4. BB Cushion // Laneige – Seriously, I love this. It cuts down the time I spend on my make up in the morning because I just need to pat this in. It helps even out my skin tone and cover up my pores. It’s more of a light to medium coverage. There’s a strong perfume scent to it but it doesn’t bother me that much. There isn’t a big color selection since it is an Asian product. You can find this at your local Target!
  5. Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream // The Body Shop – A lot of night creams leave me feeling really greasy the next day. I was really happy to find this because it doesn’t leave me looking like a grease ball the next morning. It’s not that thick of a consistency but goes on very smoothly.

I want this blog to be about everything that I love and everything that I am. I hope you enjoy this! Let me know some of your favorites. I love trying new things out πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹

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